Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday: Escape Series

Since we have a temporary hiatus on Backyard flow, I thought I would take this opportunity to create a new weekly segment. The Escape Series will feature photos that take you away from wherever you may find your self on a Monday morning. I often find my self framing hero shots in this similar fashion, with the angler taking up the majority of the side third and showcasing the scenery of where the fish was caught. This brings a lot more to a typical hero shot, showing not just the beauty of the fish but also the beauty of the areas we fish.

Canon 40D
17-40 F4L
17 mm
F 4.0
ISO 100

Post processing done with Aperture 2.0. Selective dodging on shadowed areas, primarily on the face. Luminance of blue hues dialed down. Small bump to contrast and black point.

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