Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Introducing: The Lane Bryant

The Lane Bryant, prom dress for big girls, doing work.
So if you made it out in my boat swinging flies this past winter, you probably got to hear about or fish the Lane Bryant.  Like I mentioned a week ago, we had some success on the prom dress this winter.  It was definitely my favorite pattern of the season, and produced some great fish.  The flash and size was great in a year that was full of high dirty water (also known as perfect swinging conditions).  Never one to let well-enough be, I started tinkering with the prom dress after gaining the confidence in an all flash fly.  What I came up with was the Lane Bryant, the big girls prom dress.

Rather than tying the flashabou in one color on both top and bottom of the shank, I began tying the flash on only the top of the hook, in two different segments (similar to an intruder).  I also started using three different colors of flash which blended together nicely when wet.  To create the segments and puff up the flashabou I used EP Anadramous advantage brushes rather then a dubbing ball or similar technique.  If you haven't tied with these brushed get ahold of some, they are a great simple way to add bulk without weight to your flies, and they shed water incredibly well.  The color scheme of the version above is similar to Tyler's fly, "the elk".  The signature part of "the elk" is the white butt, which contrasts nicely in the dark fly.  Here is a fly pic and recipe.
Shank: 35mm Waddington, Beadalon trailing material, #2 or #1 Owner SSW.
Butt:  3-4 wraps EP Anadramous advantage brush, white
Tail Wing: Blue Flashabou
Body: Blue flashy diamond braid or similar low bulk material.
Front Bump: EP Anadramous advantage brush, black
Wing: Flashabou layered in this order: Blue, Purple, Black

Notes:  Everything is pretty self explanatory,  and tied on in the order of the recipe.  The only thing that I do different is tying on the flashabou.  Rather than tying it on and clipping it on the front edge of the thread at the hook, I cut what I assume would be half the number of strands that I want, but twice as long as I want (For the above fly, that was the length of the package of flashabou).  I then tie the flashabou on in the middle of the strands, and fold it back, doubling the flashabou back on itself, then tie it off.  This saves space at the head of the fly, and also creates a good "bubbled" or "puffed" look to the flashabou and gets it to stand off that hook even more.

Also, the fly in the vice is the same one that is in the fishes mouth, and caught another fish between the above picture and making it into the vice.  Let's just say it had some serious mojo.


  1. Looks like the rolex to me!

  2. Dave, Joel was ahead of the game with that fly. I catch so many fish on Rolex's now it's not even funny.


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