Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fishing Report

Had a mixed bag of conditions this past week around Twin Bridges, and ended up with a couple rocking days of fishing, and one where we had to work harder to get em.

The weekend continued out the average weather we have been having, which kept the freestones in shape and fishing super consistent.  Sunday, just as you could see the rain building in the distance I started to see the caddis that can lead to amazing May dry fly fishing.  Unfortunately the fish weren't ready to eat them on top, and the rain caught up to us late sunday night, sending a flush of water that hasn't subsided yet.  Fortunately we have the Beav, and now that the upper is open it's a great option when there is too much water.

I spent two days up below the dam this week, and it was busy as expected, but as usuall people were friendly and showed good etiquette.  Clark Canyon Creek was a little muddy, but we fished to henne one day, and certainly could have the second had we wanted to.  The first day fishing was a little rough, but we had a great time, and hooked a couple of the crankers that enjoyed the high water through the winter months.  Wednesday we threw in at 1:00 thinking everyone would be through the top, which was not the case, but caught some good fish regardless, and welcomed Bubba back to Montana, trout style.

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  1. the got highways closed east of here due to rivers running over them.


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