Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fishing Report: Tailwater Tour

Tying on ANOTHER fly for Brett (not really).  All photos by Brett Seng.

May and June is an interesting time in Southwest Montana.  There is always a small amount of risk involved with coming to Montana this time of year as the rivers can be big and brown, but one of the benefits to fishing around Twin Bridges is the amount of tailwaters nearby.  When the freestones are fishing they typically are on fire this time of year, but when they blow out you fill up the tank and head for the bottom of a dam.  B.Seng and I got to guide together for my first couple of trips after the ACL, and we spent a day on the Beav, a day on the Madi, and then a day in the same boat for a tag team guide trip with one angler on the Mo.

All three rivers fished well, and although they are all tailwaters they all fish very differently.  The Madi, which fishes and acts like a freestone, was definitely the most difficult of the three days. The Ron Burgundy was definitely the hot fly in all three locations, and a bobber with the appropriate amount of lead were key.
Thunk is the noise this trout is about to make
Anyone that gets suckered in to riding along with two guides is in for some pain fun.  Mark was a great sport dealing with Brett and I busting on each other through out the day, especially when  I thought I left the chips for our lunch in the truck, only to find it was in the boat the whole time.  The folks at Headhunters hooked us up with the goods as usual, and unfortunately we had to get back in a time frame or we would have been back for dinner at Isaak's.  Fishing wise, it was definitely worth the drive, and if you like nymphing out of a boat it's a great time to be up there.  The flows are huge, but it's a fun challenge to nymph with 10' between your bobber and lead.
Check out the worms flying out of there.


  1. a boat would definately be handy. i've had a helluva time wading anything right now so have had to resort to lakes. on a positive note though, the tribs open tommorrow so i will be checking those out.

  2. Mike- yeah a boat is nice. Let me know when you need a ride in mine.

    Dustin- Brett is an awesome photographer, I'm lucky to get to go fish with him alot

  3. if the fishing is good there then whenever you'll have me i'll drive down. over the weekend that is


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