Monday, May 2, 2011

2 Handed Trout

Dave Henry of 2handedtrout, check out his report from the Bow.

Check out the new website coming out of Langley, B.C. 2handedtrout.  The name explains itself, a site focused on using two handers for trout.  With as many options out there now for light switch rods and light spey rods, you really don't hear or see too many guys fishing trout with them.  I bring my 6wt spey in the boat in the fall to get tuned up before fall steelhead season but need to utilize it as a tool more regularly, especially with some of the options we have for bigger trout around here.  When I was on the Yakima and had consistent winter fishing, a switch rod was the ideal tool for swinging a light tip and a bugger, and lead to some great afternoons of fishing.  If you already throw the big boy rod for trout, or are just thinking about it, take a look at 2handedtrout.

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