Friday, April 22, 2011

Going up, going over to Montana- A trip report.

As you have probably figured from Jergens' previous post, this last weekend was the Simms Iceout event in Bozeman.

My good friend Troy and I decided this would be a good excuse to head out to big sky country to do some fishing and visit Jergens.

Thursday- We got a not so early start on the long drive. 8 hours, several Monsters and a Brotha Lynch Hung Pandora station later we arrived in Bozeman. We took immediately to the street. Hitting The Cannery right off the bat, where we ran into everyone from the Iceout. We had some drinks and called it a night several hours later.

Friday- A painful start and a slow move to the Guide Olympics. Troy laid down a strong performance in the trailer backing and casting, but ultimately fell short of the mark and we left empty handed.

Saturday- For our first day of fishing we decided to checkout the Yellowstone River. We fished near Livingston with little luck. One nice 'bow to hand. A real nice brown lost and lots of white fish. We called it a day as the light faded and our stomachs began to growl.

Jergens, gave us some local beta about hitting Las Parillas in Bozeman for dinner. He suggested the wrap of kahn. This may or may-not have been the best part of the trip.

We grubbed on our wraps, then took to the Suby, blasted some gangsta shit and cruised to Twin.

Sunday- Jergens was nice enough to convince Mrs. Jergens to go fishing and the four of us, Seth and his SO hit the Big Hole. We had slow fishing with each boat (3 total) landing 3-4 fish on dries.

Monday- Jergens then took Tron and I on a float down the Beaverhead. We arrived to a snow storm in Dillon which cleared out as we started the float. Fishing started out hot and remained that way for the majority or the drift. We got several nice fish running heavy duty nymph rigs. Did I get any pictures? No! Why? I'll say it. The Beaverhead is hands-down the worst river for taking pictures on.

So after a good day of fishing, Tron and I tossed around some ideas for the rest of the trip. We decided on heading up to Missoula and do some fishing up there. We got set up with Andy "Zen" Simmon, who was nice enough to take us out on the town and let us stay at his place.

Tuesday- We got up early and made the extra long drive to Rock Creek. We fished down from Phillipsburg. The first hole we got to was unbelievable. I started up river from Tron, throwing a streamer. Watched a nice brown refuse no more then ten feet away from me. As I was messing with this, Tron was down river throwing a nymph rig with GREAT SUCCESS. He managed to pull double digits of decent sized 'bows, browns and cutties.

We worked several more runs along the creek with much luck. We called it a day around five, drove back to Missoula. There we grabbed some sandwhiches, loaded the car with Monster and candy, and blasted straight back home. No stops.

Trip over.

WTF! Fishing from this side of the tree was such a bad idea!

Its not fist pumping, its power fisting and you have to be serious when you do it.

Tron- Its an alias

Wrong side of the glass.

I love worms and I don't care who knows.

It's no Bentley, but we were still chauffeured.

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