Thursday, April 21, 2011

Championship Belt Winner!

Big Jon thinking wtf looking good!
So if you happened to see this post a couple weeks ago, you will remember that during one of several blowouts this year, after tying a bajillion flies, we constructed the steelhead championship belt, which was going to the lucky angler to swing up the first fish after the most recent blowout.  It took about 15 minutes and 35 casts once the rivers dropped in for Large Albacore to claim the beautifully adorned orvis back brace belt, and be the steelhead champion.
The championship fish, and Jon's first winter steelhead, a gorgeous chromer hen with an electric grab.  
This fish was doubly sweet for Jon because it was his first winter steelhead, and after paying their dues the last couple years, the boys from Wenatchee reaped the rewards of hard work and patience.  Thanks again for coming out fishing with us boys!

Oh yeah, the brothers were nice enough to leave one in a run for me to swing up, thanks again!

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