Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lost and Found

Ringo unloading
Fishing has been really good, and after a 9 day tear of awesome guests, only a couple more weeks of great folks and the season winds to an end.

This past week as I was launching my boat at a popular launch on the Hoh, my guests realized that they had f'd up left their reels in their truck back in town.  Fortunately I had several extra setups, and with a hook-up from Aaron O'leary, we were able to fish without driving back to town.  As we were talking about our lost reel situation, a couple of guys fishing spoons overheard us and said "hey, we found a fly reel here this morning, will it help?"  It turned out that that it wouldn't as it was a Hardy Marquis Salmon #2 with only running line on it.  The guys said to go ahead and take it as they had no use for it and I said thank you and that I would try to find it's home.  

After a great day of fishing I arrived back at the bogi house, and showed my buddies what we had found, and sat down to post a found ad on wff.com.  As I was writing the found notice, good friend and spey jedi Ringo showed up with his buddy Matt aka "Meat Squad".  Ringo is somewhat of a reel aficionado, and I asked him to check out the reel and see if he might have an idea about whose it was.  After a quick glance Ringo laughed, and said "funny guys, this is my reel".  At first we thought he was joking, but after he rattled off that it had a leather case with masking tape on it and the reccomended line written on the tape, we realized that we had found a reel that belonged to our friend, before he even knew it was gone.  Thank you very much to the spoon fisherman at Morgans this past weekend, and although I doubt you read this, the reel found it's way home very quickly!


  1. The jackwad guest who left his reels in his truck deserves one of your special wader-eating-ass photos.


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