Friday, March 25, 2011

Don't let up!

Papa mac with his first fish on the swing, a beauty at that!

The annual Joey Macomber group was out at the Bogi house this week, and instead of bringing a hurricane like they did last year they brought some serious pain mojo.  I got to fish with with Santa four days, and it was cool seeing how much he had improved as an angler.  You will definitely see some pics of him around again next christmas.  Highlights of the week included santa crushing the young guns, AOL getting stuck in a giant mud pit (Don't let up!), new yoga moves, and P-mac popping his cherry on the two hander, twice in the same run.  Here's a photo recap.
J-mac having some fun in the sun, heyyy!
Santa had to touch his nose to catch this one

This is how you know they are fresh.

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  1. Joe- thanks for a great time.. everyone had a blast. Santa was definitely stoked with his vacuum sessions. Already looking forward to next year. Try to keep your hands off christine.

    Up high down low.


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