Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simple steelhead bugs

Silvey's tandem tubes, simple and crazy effective.
Like most every other steelheader these days, I dig tying weird intruders and trying to see how many pieces of ostrich herl and lady ameherst I can put on a hook.  But, when I think about what I catch fish on every year, it is not often these complex patterns, and typically not much more than a bunny strip leech or a marabou spider.  I still love to tie and fish more complex stuff, but it is great to have a box dedicated to simple patterns that are known producers, that I can crank out of the vice in quick fashion, and don't have a break down when I bust them off on the bottom of a river.

The pattern in the box above is a bunch of Silvey's tandem tubes, a fly I have caught a ton of fish on that is simple, easy to tie, light to cast and super fishy. The right two patterns have tung cones for slot fishing, the others have normal cones for more gentle gliding runs.  Simple is good.

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