Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't F#&$ with The Silver Bow Fly Shop

Behind that smile is a crime stopping machine.

Once was strange enough, but twice is amazing.  Sean Visintainer at The Silver Bow Fly Shop in Spokane Spokmpton , WA recently recovered two Meiser spey rods that were lost on the Spokane, and picked up by some tweakers in the couple of hours it took for the owner to realize they were lost.  This is the second time in the last 3 years that Sean has busted fly rod thieves in the spokane area.  The first time was similar to the recent account, where rods were stolen, and the thieves called Silverbow to try and pawn them.  Both time Sean and his staff recovered the rods, and busted the criminals.  Here is a link to the new story, which is just getting told on speypages.  The first post is the story of the lost rods, and the good news is on the second page.

The Silver Bow is a great fly shop in the Spokane Valley, and if you live in Spokane you probably already know about it.  But, if you are passing through on your way from Seattle to the cuttie filled rivers of North Idaho or the giant browns of Southwest Montana it is worth your time to stop in.

Here is a copy of the first story from 2008. 

Repost from the Silverbow Shop site news.

Local business does a Fabio job for fly fisherman
Rich Landers The Spokesman-Review August 28, 2008

The next time the seduction of the Internet tries to lure you away from buying outdoor gear locally, consider this story of home-grown customer service beyond the call of duty.

The event unfolded at Silver Bow Fly Shop in Spokane Valley, where owner Sean Visintainer and co-worker Jon Allan were having a routine day until a new face came through the door.

"He wanted to know where would be the best place to sell some fly rods," Visintainer said. "You can't judge a person quickly because legitimate people do sell their rods now and then."

Visintainer told the man the shop didn't deal in used rods and that he'd probably have to go to a pawn shop or sell them through classified ads.

"But we were curious and we asked him what he had and he started listing them off," Visintainer said. "He said he had a couple of Sage rods, St. Croix and a real nice Fabio Gonzalez rod."

That's when the alarms went off simultaneously in the shopkeepers' minds.

The visitor apparently was bright enough to know that many top-quality rod makers use their names as trademarks on their products.

But his luck ran out when he tried to pawn off the very fine Fabio Gonzalez rod to reputable dealers.

"Jon and I were both thinking, wait, there's no rod maker named (Fabio Gonzalez). But we have a customer by that name."

Visintainer played along while Allan pretended to take out the garbage so he could copy the man's vehicle license number.

When the man left, the Silver Bow staff contacted Fabio Gonzalez and let him know that a man with one of his rods, inscribed with his name by a local custom rod maker, had shown up in their shop.

"He didn't even know yet that the rods had been stolen," Visintainer said.

But equipped with the vehicle license number and the man's description, police were able to troll through the backwaters of Spokane, net the thief and recover thousands of dollars of fly fishing gear that had been bagged in one quick heist.

Fabio Gonzalez is grateful for the service from Silver Bow, as well as being thankful that his name is not something more common like R.L. Winston or Gary Loomis.


  1. these guys need to move to denver to bust the guys who are hitting up all of the shops for a five finger discount.

  2. yeah they do, I meant to mention that in the article.

  3. I wish I just had a real shop here in Vegas!

    Great blog! I just started following!

  4. Thanks Dustin! Yeah, the Silver Bow is an awesome resource for Spokane anglers.


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