Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter fishing on the Beav

It's been consistently above freezing for the past couple afternoons and yesterday I finally got out in a drift boat for the first time this year.  Mine is good and frozen, but fortunately Seth was smart enough to tilt his up a little sooner than I did and his was thawed enough to go float.  We were lucky to get a shuttle up in Dillon, as the shop guy made it clear that not many people are fishing around here this time of year saying "Yeah, you guys will be the only rig in the parking lot crazy enough to be fishing."
The little bit of snow actually made this crappy launch better.
We were pretty well screwed fishing wise from the get go when Seth caught a small brown on one of his first casts.  Never a good sign, it was a while before we caught another fish, which ended up being a pointy head.
Proper fish holding technique: Elbows in, hands forward, goofy smile.  Bonus points for squatting like your about to dump.
The weather turned out to be great, which is a good thing because I left the extra pair of waders I had for Christina at my house, and I didn't even have to bust out the Das Parka.  Cracking a cold one improved our mojo a little bit, and although the weather has been warming it is still cold out, and the trout were lethargic and few and far between.
Breaking in the new foam dome.
I think it will be a while before we go float the Beav again, but it was nice to get on the sticks for a bit, mend some line, stare at a bobber, and drink some beer in a beautiful setting.
One of not very many, but at least they were small.

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  1. any winter fish is a good fish. i need to practice my hero pose and try to work in the taking a dump look.

    thanks for the stickers. they look great.


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