Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tying Room Clean-up 2011: Complete

About twice a year I finally get tired of the amount of random marabou, gold sparkles and hooks floating around the house and do a fly tying room overhaul.  This year I started shortly before Christmas, but took off for home and didn't get to complete the project until yesterday.  Those of you who know me understand that a little bit of clutter has never slowed me down, but it sure is nice to have a clean, organized tying area. I also took the time to reorganize all of my material bins.  Completing the tying room clean-up I always learn a little about my self, how I look at tying flies, and conduct a mental inventory of what I have.  Here's the knowledge gained from the clean-up session.
1.  I never need to buy yellow rubber legs again, and apparently don't use them much but like to buy them.
2.  I have an entire tying materials drawer dedicated to san juan worm chenille, draw your own conclusion on that one.
3.  Well over half of my materials are synthetic.
4.  You can never have enough black thread.
5.  I love polar chenille, and don't know if there is a color out there that I don't have.
6.  It is easier to clean your tying area when you are not tying on carpet.
7.  I need to start throwing away bags with one good feather left in them on a regular basis.
8.  Dubbing boxes are the shit.
9.  I have enough random "test" patterns lying around to fill at least one big fly box, likely two.
10.  I need to do a better job of being organized.
Post cleanup celebratory fly

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