Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shawnage report from Hawaii

Just got this report from bro Shawn over in Maui.  Shawn and I have been fishing buddies since high school, and a good portion of my best fishing memories have him in them.  I need to make it over there and chase some fish soon.  Sounds a hell of a lot better than watching the Beav freeze behind my house.
Shawnage with a little trevally known as a Papio.

Here is what Shawn had to say:  Got these fish on a small flat in kihei, have hooked 2 bones there but one came unbuttoned and the other broke off. Fly have been using is a Veverka's mantis shrimp. Waiting for the water to clean up before I go out again. We have had a lot of rain lately and the sharks attacks usually occur in murky conditions, also I'm sure the fish couldn't see my shit. Owen Wilson's bro just got bit by one recently. Saw him at the Paia flatbread co. the other day btw. Come visit!

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