Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 10 worst gifts to give the fisherman in your life

With Christmas being three days away I thought I might touch on an important subject; the giving of gifts to a fisherman. While it has never happened to me I have heard the horror stories of gifts given by a certain in-law/neighbor/crazy uncle/stalker in your life who know that you love to fly fish. I figured I would help the fore-mentioned with their gift giving this year by composing a list of gifts NOT to give to ANY flyfisherman. ever.

10. The Nogin' Net
9. Big Mouth Billy Bass

Because Americans don't waste enough plastic as is!

8. Shirt with a stupid fishing saying.

"A bad day fishing . . . "

"Born to fish, forced to work"

7. Fake fishing creel
Not only does the modern fisherman never use a creel. But it looks just plain stupid to decorate with one!

6. the Rocket Fishing Rod

Not so much fun when Dad chucks it across the lake when it brakes for the 14th time.

5. The RC Fishing Pole

As most gear fisherman know, most species of fish are attracted to whirling of tiny motors

4. Bass-O-Matic '76

Ok this actually might be a good gift.

3.A stupid fishing hat
(implied face palm)

2. Rapala We Fish

What you couldn't find a NASCAR game? Plus you know id rather spend an entire day yelling at middle schoolers online while playing Call of Duty.

1. The Wunder Boner

Just watch the video

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