Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Steelhead; Rat Terriers, Hate Blue.

I've been cleaning up and organizing my fly tying room, and had a nice pile of random feathers and flash on the ground the other day when I took off and left the door open.  Seizing an opportunity my rat terrier Ruby started exploring a room she isn't often allowed into.  With many different colorful and shiny options for a chew toy, Ruby went straight for a Kingfisher Blue grizzly saddle.  Fortunately no serious damage was done, and only a handful of feathers were plucked from the saddle, none ruined.
The aftermath.

This is not the first time that some blue materials have been attacked by Ruby, the first was a pack of blue guinea that got strewn across my living room.  Both times she had the opportunity to chew on a bunch of different steelhead colors,  and both times she chose blue. Apparently steelhead aren't the only things out there that have to crush blue when given the opportunity.
Sure, I look innocent crashed in the bow of a skiff, but wait till there's some blue feathers around.

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  1. Diggin the new site design. I'm going to be swinging some blue in the Puget Sound region between 12/29 and 1/1. Likely a long shot, but holler if you're around. Also, still planning on doing a late Feb-Mar Oregon run. I'll holler at you soon.


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