Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Keeping the lights on.

While I think it's great that there has been a big push of younger anglers the past few years, it is definitely not the 20-30 year old "trout bums" that are keeping the lights on in your local fly shop.  The Kingfisher in Missoula (a great fly shop with friendly shop guys and one of the best tying sections in the state) recognizes who pays their bills, as is evidenced in their bathroom.

Like any good fly shop, neither of them were on the right time.


  1. Haha.. Right on.. As I stunk up that bathroom I looked at the two clocks and thought.. "Damn, cool clocks, I feel a little guilty that when I open this door the lower floor will be infected." Why put a bathroom next to the checkout counter? Awesome store... Awesome post


  2. yeah, that is a great shopt, I love there tying section. Thanks for reading!


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