Friday, December 3, 2010

Go Eagles!

The Inferno Leech, ala EWU's new red turf.

With football in Washington State being incredibly weak the the past few years, and the upcoming apple cup that everyone is so excited about (Last place Cougs vs. fifth place Huskies, woohoo, yawn!) I would like to point out that there is a Washington football team that is playing for something important this weekend.  And it's a college team, playing in a football tournament, the way it should be! (suck it BCS). The Eastern Washington University Eagles play their first round playoff game at home on the red turf known as The Inferno this Saturday 1:05pm against Southeast Missouri St.  The Eagles are coming in seeded 5th and with a win will play the winner of ND State/Montana State, which could potentially be in Bozeman.  As an Eagle Alum and long time Washington resident it is great to see a team playing this year for something other than a bid to the Preparation H Bowl.  In honor of the playoff game I wrapped up a couple of winter swinging bugs in Red, and you can also find a clip of the red turf below.  Go Eagles!


  1. Sick fly! Any potential to actually catch something with it?

  2. Jeff,

    absolutely, I personally don't fish red a lot for steel, but it definitely works and is a color I should fish more. That pattern in darker colors is my go to winter bug.



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