Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tarpon: The Movie

I know that I am way late on this being re-released, but I picked up a copy of TARPON late this summer and finally sat down and watched it about a week ago, and it is incredible!  It is an awesome movie from beginning to end, and when you think about the fact that it came out in the early 1970's it is even more amazing.  Thomas Mcguane, Jim Harrison and a group of guys that are thoroughly baked (from the sun, and maybe some other stuff) running around the Keys slamming tarpon on rods that looks like they have more flex than a modern 5wt and reels definitely don't have modern 10 layer ceramic/titanium/costyourleftballsium drags.  The editing and soundtrack (By Jimmy Buffett) is great, and more importantly it has a strong focus on conserving these incredible fish.  These days there are some great fishing film makers out there, and there are a ton of guys running around trying to get great, and they could all definitely benefit from watching this film.  Being able to look back at everything these guys were doing almost 40 years ago from the filming to the gear and the fishing is definitely worth the $35.

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