Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mills Mojo

The delay between posts is because I have been out in the 509 for the past three weeks rowing and swinging.  Last tuesday after an excellent day on the Klick with good friend Steve, we awoke to a chocolate milkshake flowing by the Stinson boat ramp (3rd blow out for us in 3 years running).  Rather than sour the taste of you good day prior by fishing in the mud, we decided to pack it in and I headed north.

The initial jump from this fish was awesome!

I arrived at my new location about 3 and met up with Brazdel for a little evening spey casting and we proceeded to go 0-3.  Thanks to an alignment of stars, Brazdel and I both had the following day off and went on an exploratory swing float.
Beauty of a Bull for Jethro.

The first run we got to was our Mojo run from the night before, and as I looked into my fly box I grabbed a black/blue swinging bug that my buddy Mills had given me the week before.  Black and blue is always a go to for me, and at this point my buddy Mills' steelhead fishing was done for the year because his wife was due for their first child any day.  I stepped into the bucket and made about a dozen casts I felt my fly tap two rocks, swing another five feet, and then one of those tugs that feels like a rock, but more like a green and red and silver rock then the moss covered, fly-losing kind.  I let a little loop go (rare occurrence for me) and came tight.  A couple minutes later I slid a beautifully colored hatchery fish onto the bank with the black and blue Mills' bug in the top of it's mouth.  After I dispatched of the fish and took a couple quick shots, I texted Mills a picture of his fly on the cherry gill plate of the fish and thanked him for the good bug.  His response was equally as exciting to me as the fish: "Sweet.  At the hospital, it's go time!"  The next day I received a picture of their new huge (Josh is nearly 7' tall) baby boy!  Congratulations to both  Josh and Kallie and their new, healthy baby!  I know that the joy of their special day transfered some mojo to the fly Josh had given me the week before.  For more about baby mills, and a great piece that Josh wrote for Deneki outdoors about his new son, check out Millsfly.

Thanks Mills!


  1. well brosef...happy to be a part of that connection to that fish.

    Carson is almost a week old, and now should be double hauling within the month

    Looking forward to fishing with you soon!


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