Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hopper conspiracy?

I know that it is no longer trout season for alot of folks, and I am struggling to think about something besides steelhead right now as well, but as I was looking through some pics from this past summer I was reminded about how poor hopper fishing was.  Actually, poor is an understatement, abysmal or non-existent would be a better description.  The lack of YPA toilet bowl flushes and CFO Ant explosions this past summer has to be the result of one thing: a government conspiracy against hopper fishing.
See that big shiny streamer, it should have been a hopper!

You probably remember the article in the Wall Street Journal this past March that sparked the talk in the fishing community about the "epic hopper hatch" and doomed good hopper fishing for our part of the world, and from what I understand many other parts of the west.  As fisherman we tend to be a superstitious group if for no other reason that something to blame bad fishing on, and I should have know that when an epic hopper infestation is predicted at a federal level, hopper fishing is going to be jinxed.  This prediction resulted in a jinx far beyond that of talking about a good run before you get there (guaranteed double tangle).  This jinx was the equivalent of closing down the local Winston plant so that a banana distributor could operate for the summer.

To help with next years fishing I am going to go ahead and make some insect predictions now:

Due to the amount of cheap beer spilt in the upper Big Hole from Buttians throwing rapalas from rafts there will be no salmonflies on the Big Hole.

There will be no PMD's on the upper Beaverhead becuase of the toxic level of split shot from a summers worth of drop-shot rigs and size 27 splitbacks left in the bottom of the river.

All crayfish and sculpins will be flushed out of the Jefferson and Madison valley's during high water.

If my predictions are as accurate as last summers "epic hopper hatch" that should about cover it for next year.


  1. Hoppers were a bust in Colorado in a big way, I heard wyoming had a great hopper year, But this is the first time I heard that Montana sucked.

  2. I think the Yellowstone was good, but over where I'm at (jefferson valley) it sucked.

  3. I saw one hopper on the Skunkima, and that was after the flows had already flip-flopped. Conspiracy Theory prevails yet again.


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