Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fishing beer bread

It's getting dark damn early already in SWMT which means it's time so eat good food, drink, and hang out with the few friends that are as crazy as we are to live year round in the Ruby valley.  This time of year when I'm not wrapping bugs, catching some frozen browns or influencing the minds of Twin Bridges youth (substitute teaching) I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. One of the easiest things I make is beer bread.  The recipe is incredibly simple and it creates a great thick bread that does an excellent job of soaking up soup or chili.  Of course when making beer bread (which takes one bottle of beer in the recipe, and several in me) I opt for one of the fishing themed montana beers.  This past week I went for the Double Haul IPA, and it was good, but I think the best so far has been Moose Drool beer bread.  Here's the recipe I've used, and it doesn't get any easier, give it a try: Recipe.
Double Haul beer bread and chicken corn chowder.  Makes the winter go by a little quicker.

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  1. I have been rocking the beer bread too..Simple and very good. Been through 2 loaves this week. Stay warm to the norht my frined I will see you in a few months. Santa got his red waders..


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