Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two brothers

Many older brothers teach their younger siblings the finer points in life. How to throw a spiral, hit a curve ball, talk to girls and how to get out of trouble. Mine has taught me one thing well over the last years and that is; how to catch steelhead. Whether it was what nymphs to use or how to spey cast I can admit that everything I know about fishing I inherited from my older brother.

With that said, it is always a good trip when the two of us get together and are able to fish. The trip started on a Thursday after when I met up with AO for an afternoon spey session. I met AO riverside where he was waiting with the raft and I with the tall boys. We set off and were able to swing some nice water with no luck.

I met up with Jergens after waiting at his truck on the side of the road. A quick trip to camp to change and we were off to town to get some beer and burgers. At the bar we ate drank and watched game 5 of the NLCS as we planed the next days trip.

Friday morning had us up early, and after a quick breakfast of pop-tarts and luke warm coffee we were on our way. We spent the majority of the day swinging the usual suspect of runs with no luck. Shortly before lunch I was able to stick one nymphing (after getting fed up of not getting any on the long rod.)

This leads us to the highlight of the day. Jergens was skating dries on one of the last runs of the day and I was observing up river while waiting at the raft. Then it happened! The gurgler skated across the water and i saw movement behind the fly and then the eruption as the fly accelerated away from the fishes mouth. Yup thats right pulled out just in time (not in the good way.) Its not everyday you get to see steelhead come to the surface for a skated fly and must admit it was truly amazing to witness.

Sure we didn't catch fish like we might have last season and I would be lying if I said it isn't all about catching fish. But there is something to be said about spending the day on the water with my brother. A day when nothing else maters. Where I don't have to think about work or grad school applications a day where all that matters is catching fish, telling jokes, taking pictures, and enjoying the outdoors.


  1. Good for you guys. Many years ago my own brother put the first fly rod in my hands. I owe him a lot for it too.

  2. Nice story and pictures. Not all about catching? I think you both know better than that.

  3. Just awesome on the pictures and the brotherly love is there to stay


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