Thursday, October 14, 2010

September anchor swim

After a malfunctioning anchor clip let my 40lbs lead block stay seated on the bottom of the Big Hole, we located the anchor and the only retrieval method was me going for a swim.  As you can tell from the amount of clothes everyone else has on it was definitely not the warmest September day, but when you have a good anchor, it's always worth swimming for.


  1. Joe that's da kine Bra! It reminds me of that time on the Bogachiel when Isaac let all my anchor rope out of the raft and then I snapped your BIIx after you threw it at my feet as you jumped to get the anchor. Get your ass over here and Feeessshhh together.

  2. Better you than me, afterall that water would be over my head.

  3. Uh, yea... I'd let that one go!

    The Average Joe Fisherman


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