Monday, October 11, 2010


Without question fall is my favorite time of year, with September being the best part of the fall to me.  After a cold summer, we have had an amazing indian summer, and although it's the 11th of October it still feels like mid-September.  One of the benefits of this late summer came as some of our best hopper fishing all year on first three days of October.  Only a couple more days of trout fishing and ripping streamers before it's time to migrate west and swing some fall steelhead.  I've got the spey rods ready to rock, and have some new swinging bugs inspired by some of our best trout streamers this summer.   Here's a couple of recent pics from SWMT.

Beautiful weather and not a soul around!
Pre-spawn brown that crashed a streamer at the surface.  Love those fall colors.


  1. I am with you joe, love the fall. That is a nice looking brown trout. Seeing it crush a streamer on the surface is even nicer. Have fun swinging for steel. See you on the coast.

  2. The Deschutes in the fall is my favorite place/time to fish. Bummed I'm going to miss it, so you should make a ninja run out there.

  3. Here piggy piggy! Now that is a pig! Very nice. Found your blog on OBN. Hitting the "follow" button right now. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman


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