Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedding week wrap-up!

As some of you know, this has been a crazy summer for me because my GF and I got married at the end of August.  Each day after guiding I came home and had a different wedding task, some enjoyable, some frustrating (who knew lime green dress shirts pretty much don't exist?).  After all of the planning it turned out to be the most incredible week of my life, with great memories and a lot of good times with friends and family.

The week kicked off with a bachelor party trip to the S.F. of the Snake. Shawnage and D-lowe arrived from Hawaii and Missouri respectively, and  C-squad and Seng arranged for us to do the 25 mile, two-day canyon float, and camp out at the Cottonwood Camp of World Cast Angler's, which was not occupied by guided clients so we were able to camp out in their wall tents.  We rolled into camp about 6 p.m. and were welcomed by camp chef Carlos, a large plate of baked brie, and all of the beer and wine we could drink.  Carlos grilled up some giant rib-eyes that were exceptional, and after getting our money's worth from the all-you-can-drink we crashed out in our cots.

Chillin' after a lunch time wiener roast.
The next day we got up relatively early and started our float out.  Both days gave us some incredible PMD hatches, and it was amazing to see how skinny of water the cutties would sit in.  Everybody caught a ton of fish both days, and a single bobber was thrown.  We underestimated our float distance, and ended up pushing out for the last 2 hours of our float, and made it back to Twin in one piece that night.
Twinsies!  Cutties like this all day long.
The day after we got to Twin a lot of our guests started showing up, and the two days leading up to the wedding consisted of a lot of good food, good drinks, and good friends/family.  Our rehearsal dinner at The Old Hotel was top notch (as every other meal is there, check em out, more to come in the future about them), and capped off a day of work preparing the reception hall.

Ke'lah and I were very fortunate to be the first couple married at the Gainey Ranch, which sits atop the Big Hole near Glen, MT, and has a beautiful church that overlooks the river and the mountains.  The wedding day weather was perfect fishing weather, and my groomsmen along with Jmills953 and Chou capitalized on the church's location along the river prior to the ceremony.  Millsy even tied into grayling down there which is very unusual.
Waiting for the new Mr. and Mrs. Willauer!
The ceremony went off without a hitch, and then the party began.  I can't begin to describe the amount of fun we had, but it was a great party with our closest friends and family.  All of the planning and preparation payed off in a big way, and we had an unbelievable time.  We have now been married almost three weeks, and looking forward to the future!
Couldn't be happier!


  1. congrats on getting married joe and the float sounds killer

  2. Congrats joe..sounds like a great week. cheers


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