Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That's a big brown, eh?

Had two different groups of Canadian's last week, and apparently our brothers to the north have some serious first fish Mojo. But, catching a good one for the first fish of the day has it's up's and downs.  Jamie followed up his big one with a streamer crushfest, and the best day of trout fishing I have seen this summer.  Kevin's big brown apparently put a curse on our for for an hour or two, as fishing sucked it until about noon, and then we made up for lost time, including some good hopper eats.
Jamie's first fish of the day, and the only MT trout I have ever seen legitimately go into the backing.  Ate a YPA Hopper at the boat launch.

Kevin got the biggest trout I've seen hit the net this summer for his first fish of the day.  Taped in at 24" and pretty much shut down fishing for the next two hours.

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