Thursday, August 19, 2010

What the f#*k is a bead?- a trip report

The time is finally here. August has arrived with it's hot weather and bringing along the beginning of summer run steelhead season. This particular trip started when luke, my friend from the Methow called wanting to go fish the Klisckitat. We planned it out two nights in the backs of our cars two days of fishing, bring luke's raft. It was on!

While geting supplies for the trip I stoped by the e-burg fly shop and found Aaron of Angler's Obsession and with a little convincing he was on board for the trip. Aaron went and got the whiskey I got more groceries and we hit the road.

We got to the klick around 7 and decided to swing a run right above the town of Klickitat. The night was unproductive. In my normal fashion I hooked a small fish thinking the take was that of a steelhead only to be quickly disappointed.

The next was productive I hooked the first fish of the day 10 minutes in to the float. Only to get my ass kicked as we tried to beach the fish (no net guys.) The rest of the day was great we landed 4 more fish and lost that many. All fish were caught nymphing except one, which Aaron lost on the swing. We met up with Troy who was on a guide trip and either the fishing or the half gallon of Broker's back at camp convinced him to stay the night and fish with us the next day. That night Dan stumbled into our camp at Leidl and we soon had a steelhead camp party going.

The next morning, another early start and an unfortunately slow start to fishing. I landed one fish above the Stimpson rapid and Luke and Aaron both lost some hot fish. Fishing picked up significantly in the afternoon with both boats landing 3-4. Overall successful trip! Take two featuring Kraig and Luke in two weeks.


  1. I wish I was there Mike, it was Rick down there. Soon enough though.

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  3. Love seeing the steel already. Killer pics!!!

  4. Here piggy piggy! What a bunch of hogs! Great pics! I can't wait to get into some steel! Salmon has just started here. The steel will be comming soon! Cheers.

    The Average Joe Fisherman


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