Saturday, August 21, 2010

New short video by J-squared

Opened up the faceyspace this evening and saw this great vid that J-squared did.  Combination of some good anglers/videographers doing there thing.  I watched it without the sound on the first time and thought it was awesome, even better with the noise up.  Hopefully I'll get to run into the bearded member of the filipino fly flingers this fall again, had a blast last season.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What the f#*k is a bead?- a trip report

The time is finally here. August has arrived with it's hot weather and bringing along the beginning of summer run steelhead season. This particular trip started when luke, my friend from the Methow called wanting to go fish the Klisckitat. We planned it out two nights in the backs of our cars two days of fishing, bring luke's raft. It was on!

While geting supplies for the trip I stoped by the e-burg fly shop and found Aaron of Angler's Obsession and with a little convincing he was on board for the trip. Aaron went and got the whiskey I got more groceries and we hit the road.

We got to the klick around 7 and decided to swing a run right above the town of Klickitat. The night was unproductive. In my normal fashion I hooked a small fish thinking the take was that of a steelhead only to be quickly disappointed.

The next was productive I hooked the first fish of the day 10 minutes in to the float. Only to get my ass kicked as we tried to beach the fish (no net guys.) The rest of the day was great we landed 4 more fish and lost that many. All fish were caught nymphing except one, which Aaron lost on the swing. We met up with Troy who was on a guide trip and either the fishing or the half gallon of Broker's back at camp convinced him to stay the night and fish with us the next day. That night Dan stumbled into our camp at Leidl and we soon had a steelhead camp party going.

The next morning, another early start and an unfortunately slow start to fishing. I landed one fish above the Stimpson rapid and Luke and Aaron both lost some hot fish. Fishing picked up significantly in the afternoon with both boats landing 3-4. Overall successful trip! Take two featuring Kraig and Luke in two weeks.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


After 3 weeks of hot sunny weather, it appears that our wet summer has caught back up to us.  Every afternoon for the past week the clouds and rain and lightning and thunder have rolled in about 3pm.  This has made for some awesome streamer fishing, and some interesting hopper fishing (Good some days, bad the next).  It's been quite a while since I've streamer fished actually trying to catch them rather than just catch a big one, and it's been great watching fish cartwheel under the surface to crush a bugger.

Note the rain jacket in August, not right!

One of the things I looked forward to when I moved to MT was streamer fishing, and it seems when I get to go fishing I opt for the dry rod over the meat, plus I haven't been hanging out with Matney lately.

One of the coolest fish I have caught in a while.  Also note the rain jacket, superlame.

And there is a little of this around if you know where to look.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recent activity in SWMT

The weather in SWMT is finally feeling like summer, but the bugs are not.  I think all the talk of the epic hopper hatch has put a jinx on it, and we are still  waiting for the little hoppers to add on some calories.  I got to spend last week fishing with my buddy Todd who I met on a trip to the Kanektok about 4 years ago, and whom I haven't fished with since.  Todd spends his time fishing the trout waters of NorCal, and is a serious nymph fishing junky.  It's amazing what comes in to the net when every bobber twitch gets a ripping hookset.  Todd saw probably the best day of nymph fishing I have seen so far this year, and capitalized on every opportunity given to him.  Thanks for coming out brother.

Todd crushing Dr. style.
I also got to spend a day with a friend I have been guiding since I was 19.  Brian called me up on short notice and luckily we were able to fit him in.  Fishing was great, and it's always fun to fish with someone you've been fishing with for the better part of 10 years.

Brian with  a nice one that I had absolutely nothing to do with.