Saturday, July 17, 2010

Going Green at The Stonefly Inn.

This summer at The Stonefly Inn we have completely given up on plastic water bottles.  Now, at the end of the day instead of throwing away the better part of a case of water, we are washing bottles, and refilling them with cold, clean Twin Bridges water (which tastes a hell of a lot better than and bottled crap that a fishing guides can afford).  This idea came about last year, and after a week long test run we decided to stick with it.  This change has been incredibly successful, and I would recommend it to any guide or outfitter who is:  1. Tired of wasting plastic bottles 2. Tired of paying more for bottled water than gas 3. Care about small things that can make a difference. I have not had a single complaint about these bottles from clients, and in fact the majority are impressed with how much colder they are and how good our local water is.  Imagine how much plastic would be not wasted if just half of the guides in your local area did this?   Check out the report from my outfitter Rooster who came up with the idea: The Stonefly Inn.

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