Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making up for lost time: Fishin' with dad, swinging for Chinook, Drinking, and Home-run derby

Over the past two months I've found my self in a whirl wind of finishing my undergraduate degree and starting the medical school application process. Fortunately summer is here and I kicked if off with a three day fishing binge featuring my good buddies Troy and Bo. Oh yeah the old man showed up somewhere in there too.

Sunday June 20th- Father's Day

While Jergens still lived in Ellensburg it was, like it is for most sons, a tradition for us boys to fish with our dad on father's day. Beings that Jergens is now living in Montana it made this task especially difficult, as we were now one man down, and while it wasn't true father's day fishing with out him his spot was graciously filled by Troy. We left Ellensburg in what I would consider a typical spring breeze and headed for the lower canyon in hopes of ditching some of the gusts (if I'm gonna fish the canyon, might as well be windy!) We decided to float from mile marker 19 to Red's. The old man broke in the Scott G2 by hauling in several dinkers on a PMD while not being able to bring any of the big guys out of the bucket. The fishing was slow but it is always great to fish with the one who taught you how.

Big hand or small fish. . . both.

Monday June 21st- First day of Summer

Sunday's rough night bleed into Monday's rough morning and a slow start to fishing. Troy showed up at my apartment shortly before noon and we headed down bellow Roza dam to try our luck at swinging for chinook. We met up with Bo and scrambled through the sage and hiked up to fish hold bellow the dam. We chuck the long rods to no luck the following to runs were equally productive. Four O'clock quickly crept up on us and our stomach were rumbling from not eating all day. A quick car ride to Bo's house in Selah had chowing down on left-over hors d'oeuvres from a recent grad party. Also left over from the grad party was a large cooler full of beer which accompanied us that evening on our float from Lmuma to Roza. We got the boat in the water after putting down a few beers and kept them flowing all night. The longest day of the year paid off for us as we had sun light until 9:30. Fishing is what one might expect for the current condition.

Tuesday June 22nd

Tuesday morning finds Troy (passed out on the coutch Mon. night) and I watching early morning Versus channel peacock bass fishing. By nine thirty we are fully motivated to go catch some peacock bass so we call up Bo and head upriver to fish from Bristol to the Thorp. The last two nights left us a little parched so we left all the beer at home and only brought water and soda. The fishing started off real hot with Troy landing a nice 20" (taped) 'bow. I lost a nice cutty a little further down stream and landed another one a little further down. All three of us got a few nice fish before things took a turn for the worse. Just as quick as Bo finished his 4 corndog lunch the fishing had turned off. The flows are finally increasing for the farms and we could see the water becoming dirty. We made up for the lousy fishing with another crazy night. Beers, bonfire and sneaking on to the CWU baseball field to play a little home-run derby (screw you world cup!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Team Jergens/Weekend Warrior Reunion Tour

This pic is from the last time Dave and I fished salmonflies together in 2006, exactly 4 years ago to today.  We had an awesome day on the West Fork as we sent him off to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.  Last summer we got together and had some decent hopper fishing, but today is the start of a five day bender, and the hummingbirds are going to pop any day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Skagit Master 2.0

The weather out in MT has been reminiscent of winter steelhead season for the past couple of weeks, so this seems like an appropriate video for me to find courtesy of the RIO facebook page. Looks like there's a little more porn than the first video.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last week in Southwest Montana

Even though it still feels like April because of the cold crappy weather, trout guide season at The Stonefly Inn kicked off last week.  The Big Hole is currently the color of a fresh double americano from Jumping Rainbow Espresso here in town, so after fishing the Hole before it blew, I spent the weekend up on the beav and made a day trip over to the Mo yesterday.  Everyday through out the weekend fished well, but nothing was on fire.  The upper beav on friday was probably our most productive day for fish hooked, and each day we had a great time.  For those of you who haven't fished it, it is a small tailwater that holds some toads that love small nymphs.

I also got to fish with my good friend Kirk Werner, famous author of the Olive the Wooly Bugger series, and several of his friends before they embarked for their annual Yellowstone trip.  We started off the day in some seriously messed up weather and it felt an awful lot like winter steelheading.  It didn't take long to strike a couple of fish and ended up catching some really nice trout, as well as learned that when a fish is jumping by your bobber, it is likely on the end of your line.

Kirk with a nice one.  He didn;t even need a milk crate to see it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reason #43 That Montana May Be The Best State in the Union.

Look, a moose! Not the chocolate kind though.

So yesterday as I am eating breakfast and getting ready to go to the Big Hole, I hear my roommate Jethro Brazdel wake up, and say "Hey, check out that moose on the other side of the river."  I walk over to the window and sure enough, a small bull moose is chilling on the bank of the Beav on the other side of the river from my pad.  A couple minutes later Brazdel comes out of his room and says "Hey, there is another one," and it turns out we were each looking at our own moose, and there were two small bulls hanging out in the back yard.  Just a reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place.  Time to go fish the Big Hole again with Brazdel and S-Dub, hopefully some good caddis fishing although it's looking like a streamer day.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chromer Roayale

Entered a contest over at Yos Gladstone's faceyspace page, Chromer Sport Fishing, and won this bamf of a tee shirt.  Yos' company Chromer Sport Fishing offer's trips all over B.C., including some great steelhead trips swinging the Smithers area streams.  Check out his site next time you're thinking about making a trip up to the north country.

Also, just got home from the Big Hole, which fished well, no sign of the hummingbirds yet, but they will be popping soon.