Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Eats: Fishing Edition

To me, one of the cooler things about traveling around fishing are the unique restaraunts that small towns have.  I definitely consume my share of shitty gas station burrito's that result in an afternoon fishing in a newly sleeveless shirt, but always enjoy the food gems that are found on fishing trips.

I have driven past one of these gems 6 times this past week and have had restrained, but if the upper beav is on the tomorrow's menu, so will a stop at The Taco Bus in Dillon, MT.  "The Bus" as it is locally know is without question the best food in Dillon, and the best mexican food in the greater Jefferson drainage.  The food is delicious, the owners are very friendly, and service is quick. A noon time stop at the bus on your way to the Beav is about as good as it gets for a half day of fishing.

Although the nearby Mc'd's is tempting, this is THE best food in Dillon, MT.

I have yet to find something bad on the menu, but have to say the three steak taco lunch is my favorite.  The guide therapist has become a big fan of the pork quesadilla, and another good fishing buddy highly recommends the burrito colorado.  Any of these washed down with a Pina flavored Jarrito's.  Next time you're passing through Dillon, hit up The Bus instead of getting the bunless fat-stick that KFC is now serving, you'll be glad that you did (and it's on your way to the Patagonia Outlet!).

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  1. Love the sleeveless t-shirt comment..I have seen the bus and heard good things but instead of going to the bus I ended up at the mini buying a 24 oz..go figure.


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