Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fishing > Blogging

Just got back in to town on Monday from 4 days fishing in Boca Grande with Brett and Capt. Austin Lowder. I'll throw up a report when I get some pics, but it was an awesome trip.  On the way back from the airport I got a nice reminder that even though it's may in Montana, it is still kind of winter, and it has snowed atleast a small amount everyday since I've been back.  Here's a couple of pics from a little afternoon float on the Beaverhead yesterday.  Although fishing started slow and they wouldn't even think about a streamer, we ended up nymphing a couple of nice ones at the end.

Seth with a nice one on the licorice.

Look at the beak on this one.

I'm Ron Burgundy?


  1. scotch scotchity scotch scotch scotch

  2. dude you need that beard back !!!

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