Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Here's a quick update of what's been going down at Evo Anglers.

The ol bliggity-blog has been on the backburner for the last week or so because after my winter of tying flies, cooking good food and watching my summers worth of $ dissapear I actually had some work to do.  For those of you who are not in the know, there is a Patagonia outlet in Dillon that is like crack to every hippy and yuppy within about 200 miles (even the yuppy/hippy combo know as the trustifarian).  "The Guc" is a great store that we are really lucky to have in this valley.  I was asked to help at their semi-annual sale over president's day weekend, and spent a grand 5 days folding t-shirts, hanging up fleeces and giving blank/dumb looks when someone asked a question more technical than "Do you have this in a large?"

After my grueling (sarcasm) 5 days of work a fishing trip was needed, and so I crushed over to Ellensburg to meet up with c-squad.  We made quick work of snoqualmie pass, met up with our friend Justin, and a short ferry ride plus a quick drive were sprawled out on the floor of the new steelhead digs in Forks.  Doodah was very gracious to let us take over his couch and spare bedroom, which is soon to be my home for the month of March.

The biggest shocker of the trip was the weather, which was predicted to be sunny and warm the entire weekend, and (gasp) actually was!  This is the first trip to Forks I have ever made that I didn't wear my rain jacket.  Besides the great weather, fishing was good, and it was nice to throw the two hander for something other than madison trout (although results were less than special swinging bugs).  The highlight of the trip was either our take out on our second day that involved three of us grabbing a driftboat as he sailed past the boat ramp, or C-squad thinking he picked some steel from my pocket swinging in the canyon, only to find it was a dolly.  Here's a quick shot from the weekend, more to follow.

Last swing.  Photo by c-squad

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