Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fishery Management

I just started reading King of Fish by David Montgomery, which is an excellent book about the Pacific salmon and compares them to what has happened to Atlantic salmon, in both Europe and the Eastern U.S.  I am nearly done with the book, but this quote stood out as I began reading.  It is in a chapter about the old world salmon, and can easily be related to the pacific salmon (and steelhead), and what I fear may be their future.

"Restraint no longer guided fishery management.  In fact, the decline of English salmon had the perverse effect of increasing fishing pressure because of the increased value of the remaining fish.  As salmon became more valuable, regulating the salmon fishery became more difficult.  As salmon runs declined, commercial salmon fishing accelerated, poaching flourished, and fishing laws became widely disregarded."  Pg. 76, King of Fish, David Montgomery.

An early season Hoh fish about to be released by my buddy Brazda a couple years ago.  If these aren't worth protecting I don't know what is.

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