Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Skoal

I've been bulking up one of my favorite summer run flies, the Skoal, for a winter version with a bigger profile.
Black and Orange.  I gained major confidence in this color combo after watching Dave pick my pocket as hard as ever with it.  I had just fished this little dump on the Hoh, and Dave came in behind me showing our friend Jason how to spey cast, and got crushed by a 12lbs native about three casts in.

Black and Blue.  Blue is so hot right now.


  1. Could you maybe post a "how-to" or materials list?

  2. I am mostly just curious about why they dressed the fireline? Is that polar chenille?

  3. Ridder, I'll drop some tying instructions this afternoon.

  4. Booyah Grandma! Joe to this day that has to be one of the most memorable fishing experiences in my life. Especially after how bad you whooped my ass for summer runs on the Methow and Klickitat that fall.

  5. Here's the recipe

    Trailing Hook: #2 Gamakatsu Octopus
    Shank: 25mm waddington
    50lbs Spiderwire connecting the two, about an 1" or so longer than your first marabou
    Body: Polar Chenille, wrapped MOAL style along the spiderwire
    Blue marabou feather, palmered
    Blue Flashabou
    Black Marabou feather, palmered
    Blue Lady Amherst
    2 blue grizzly hackle feathers, tied in like a wing extending to the back.
    Blue Guinea, palmered.
    Small Lead eyes

    All of the stuff on the shank with the marabou and other feathers is pretty straight forward. The only tricky part is wrapping the polar chenille along the thread. I start by placing the shank in the vice and leaving the trailing hook to hang. I then slide the polar chenille between the two pieces of spiderwire, hit it with a touch of superglue. After leatting that dryI wrap backwards one of two raps just to overlap, then forward to the shank, and tie off. While doing this I keep the trailer hook in my left hand, and pull the fibers of the chenille back the best I can while wrapping forward. Hope this helps.


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