Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wadering up at home

There are many things that are great about living in Montana, or anywhere that is close to fishing, one of which is wadering up at home.  I took these things for granted until I spent two years living in Spokane, with a neighbor who had a pitbull named C-Note and a house across the street that I'm sure has been on COPS at least once. It's great throwing on the waders in a nice warm garage with no rocks tearing into your booties, no stripping down in the cold, just on with the waders and off to the river (Unless you get completely wadered up, with your new studded boots, and realize you forgot your jacket inside, and have to crawl hands and knees across the linoleum so that you don't have to take everything off and put it back on again.)  Yesterday I ran up to the Ruby for a couple of hours, caught a couple fish, and enjoyed the 40+ degree weather.

A nice January afternoon on the Ruby.  If you haven't fished this river it's definitely worth checking out.

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