Monday, January 18, 2010

One hour, one pattern

There are times that I think I enjoy tying flies as much as I enjoy going fishing.  I was very lucky to be taught how to tie by my uncle about the same time I started fishing, and developed a love of tying early on in my fly fishing.  These days tying is often a mix between production of standards for the upcoming guide season and screwing around with different things to come up with new patterns or tweaking old ones. It seems like most of the time I am heavy on the screwing around and not so focused on the production tying.  As a way to help myself become more dedicated at wrapping production style bugs I have been sitting down at the vise for an hour, and tying one pattern for that time. 

For this week I tied a pattern I have worked on with a good guide buddy, and probably the most innovative trout fly tier I hang with, Scott W.  Scott turned me on to fuzzy foam a few years ago while he was living in Missoula.  The first person that we heard of gluing furry foam to closed cell foam was John Foust out of the Bitterroot Valley on his Fat Freddie flies.   Although I don't know how much of a difference it really makes for catching fish, the fuzzy foam is definitely fun to tie with, and creates a cool looking bug.

Results from One Hour:
Number of Bugs: 19
Pattern:  Wilson's Chernobyl
Hook:  standard dry hook
Thread:  Ultra thread to match foam
Body: One layer fuzzy foam, 2 layers closed cell foam
Wing:  EP Fibers
Legs:  Flat Barred Legs
Front Foam (on top): Yellow razor foam


  1. those are definately bad ass joe! i picked up acouple bags of that furry foam not to long ago and have busting out some gold members. i'll expect adozen of your flies delivered soon:)


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