Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A note from NZ

After the previous clip we'll continue with the part of the world that is currently enjoying summer right now.  I got this note on the face-spacey from Beautiful Brett, (a friend and fellow guide at the stonefly as well as a damn good angler) who is spending the next three months bouncing around New Zealand with his GF, pretty much living in a van down by the river.
"First sight fishing opportunity I had was yesterday on the gin clear Rangetieki River, probably a 22-24 inch brown kinda mid stream behind a gigantic boulder, searching for the right fly and not having a fucking clue what it should be I landed on your small version of the Don King , first cast of the day lands like two feet off to his left and about dead even with him, fish elevates turns downstream and swims like ten feet to chase it down for the longest eat ever..... I waited dude..... and still pulled it out too early... first cast of the day, on a heavily pressured river... your fly got chased down like O.J. back in '98... no I haven't booked a ticket yet but I'll let you know when I do, hope all is well."

God save the queen, Brett!  Here is a shot Brett also posted, he crushes behind the lens, and you will see more of his shots here in the future.  Keep us updated brother!

That's not a stick.

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