Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I love gold!

The Goldmember is a fly I wrapped up last summer with the sole intention of quoting the classic Austin Powers movie and screwing around on an evening float with Scottie Dub, Mike D, and D-lowe. At the time I was living in a single wide trailer (insert WT joke here) and had my fly tying stuff narrowed down to essentials in a three drawer plastic-thing. While digging through my three droors of materials I found some bright gold ice-dub left over from tying exasperater sculpins, and thought it should find a home on some dries.

 I was immediately reminded of "Goldmember" and wrapped it on the bottom of a couple of chernobyls for a float that evening. 

Surprisingly the goldmember ended up holding it's own, and actually produced one of the bigger fish I caught last summer(see photo below). It also goes to show how having confidence if your fly selection can improve your catch.  To me, confidence in fly patterns is HUGE when choosing what fly I am going to fish.  Even if it is some half-baked idea like the goldmember, having the belief that it will work makes a difference.  I have a feeling that there will be a re-run of Goldmember come golden stone time, why not?

"Toight like a Toiger!" Photo Gredit: Mike Doughty

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  1. I have been tying a bunch up myself. i was impressed by it's catchability


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