Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello and why I'm here

First off hello to my fellow anglers who have been reading and following my brothers blog. Secondly thanks Jergens for inviting me to contribute. You might have seen the shameless promoting by my brother earlier on the blog, and if you follow my Flickr account thank you.

At a young age I was taught to fish, much like my brother. However, fishing never clicked for me. I started taking pictures of my family while they fished so that I had could stay entertained on family fishing trips. As I got older photography became more interesting to me and fishing, well, it remained the same. I continued shooting photos through high school where I ran a small photo business selling action shots to the parents of high school athletes. I also did a little bit of work for the Columbia Basin Herald.

In the summer of 2008 I broke out five teeth while kayaking the Wenatchee River. After the incident all I could do was fish (no mt. biking, no skiing). Living with a part time fish bum forced me to get out the river and get it done. Since that summer I suppose you could say I'm hooked (I hate me too for that pun.)

You can expect me to post how-to tips, post processing tricks, camera advice, and anything funny that has to do with fishing.

-Jergens C Squad

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