Friday, December 11, 2009

What's in your driftboat?

It's that time of year, and after putting it off by tying flies and watching Desperate Housewives re-runs on Hulu, the time had come to clean the old boat. It's amazing what is found in a driftboat, especially after it's been sitting for a couple of months (I've been rowing the Clackaacraft headhunter skiff, best trout boat going for SW MT). Fortunately there was about 3" of ice in the bottom of the boat, which actually led to a good morning work out. Beating ice out of a driftboat with a rubber mallet while rocking out to some Cold War Kids is a great way to start the day. The real fun came from the randomness that was found inside, starting at the left of the picture.

Shrimp oil and a Snelled Gamakatsu with attached "fresh roe" yarn.
I don't gear fish for steelhead at all, not that I'm against it, but just not my thing. Last winter in Forks, while leaving our hotel, a couple of nice Brit's on their way home gave us this smelly-jelly along with a roll of pencil lead big enough it could have doubled as a spare anchor. I can't remember but I think the snelled gami belongs to Kraig with a K from his birthday gear fishing celebration.

Soft tape, unopened.
I like the idea of measuring fish, but when a steelhead is on the beach I never think to do it, oh well. The only fish that get measured are hatchery fish to make sure they are legal before they get bonked.

Pink Thermos.
A color coordinated gift from my buddy Joe Mass, accompanied by a purple anchor rope, back when I had Barney the purple steelhead raft. How it ended up in the driftboat though I'm not sure. More on Barney in future posts.

BBQ gasket.
I will not serve another steak at lunch on the side of the Yakima, ever! Petite sirloin, Johhny's salt, 4 minutes each side, medium rare everytime! Who really wants a steak at 1 in the afternoon when you could be fishing? "Good steaks, huh?"

A must have for any driftboat. "Hang on guys, I think I have something wrong with my stomach, I'll be right back" "I'm not hungover, are you?" "my arm hurts"

Also a must have. This bottle of Woodford courtesy of Stevsie and our last winter steelhead trip (obviously if i had bought, it would have been R&R). Funny, it didn't help him or me land any steelhead. See above item when you've had too much of this.

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  1. Waait a minute, where's the felt sandals and 2 pair of old fishing boots. Oh, I'm wrong...they're in the back of your truck


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