Thursday, December 3, 2009

Team Jergens

If it weren't for a couple of the original members of Team Jergens, I wouldn't be who I am as a flyfisherman today. Here is a definition courtesy of The Evening Hatch.

Willoman is the 2005 Captain of Team Jergens which is a team of guide extraordinaires. However, in all fairness, credit needs to be given where credit is due...

Charter members of Team Jergens...
  • Carsten Killmer – “el presidente”
  • Wick VD ------- The biggest jergens, figuratively and specifically
  • Joe Rotter----- For making it all possible-the actual egoinspirator!
  • Brazda -------- doo dah Jergens
  • Keith W-------- for thinking that we are Jergens
  • Me, Myself and I –Truly a Jergens, The Dark Swede
  • Jack Mitchell ---- You Jergens!
Long Live the team!!

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