Wednesday, December 2, 2009


No, not the lip candy, the "Super Killer of All Leeches". I have been tinkering with this pattern as a variation of Derek Fergus' MOAL leech, one of the best known steelhead crushers on earth. The idea was to get the action of the MOAL with marabou and synthetics so that it was lighter and sank faster. So far so good.
Color scheme inspired by Steelie Mike, and being shipped to SW WA tomorrow
The Lineup

Early sample crushing on the Ronde. Photo by Josh Mills


  1. Nice work G....glad to see you on here

    Can I put an order in for 12 of those skoals?

  2. did you know your blog already says crush or a variation of it 5 times.

  3. Joe, you ought to call your MOAL variations the Jergens Crusher. I think you need to tie me up some as well. Unweighted. What say?


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