Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reason #357 that Montana might be the best state in the union: "I used to grow big bushy ones"

I typically try to avoid anything associated with Butte, but this is awesome.  Your local paper is definitely bad ass when they have a manliest beard contest.

Standard announces manliest beard winner

By The Montana Standard Staff - 12/16/2009

The Montana Standard kicked off the Manliest Beard Contest by asking men in the community to grow the manliest beard they could between Sept. 14 and Nov. 30.

Eight contestants followed through with the contest by getting their before and after photos taken so readers could vote online for their favorite manliest beard.

After all the votes were tallied, Regan Dean of Butte is the winner.

"I used to grow big bushy ones," Dean said, referring to his past beard growing abilities when informed he was the winner.

Dean also said he would like to thank everyone who voted for him.

A special thanks to everyone who voted for their favorite manliest beard and congratulations to all entrants of the contest, which included Fred Giacomino, Bill Shaw, Adrian Guidoni, Dillon Grady, Patrick Kenny, David Stordahl and Michael Clark.

Take another look at the before and after photos online of all contestants at

— Montana Standard staff

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  1. me thinks that I threw up in my mouth a little there...yeeeeesh

    I think we need an Evolution Anglers Moooostache growing contest


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