Saturday, December 5, 2009

Photographers you haven't heard of, yet.

In what will become a trend here I am going to highlight some of my buddies who are shooting some awesome pictures. I love good fishing photography, and with the increased amount of DSLR's, there are alot of guys out there taking good photos. I want to highlight guys who are not just shooting grip and grins or casting shots, but more so capturing all aspects of fishing through their work.

The first photographer, and a shameless family self promotion, is my brother, jergenscsquad. He used to have no interest in fly fishing, which was great because he would just come along in the boat to take pictures. Now he has gotten much more into the fishing side of things, but also does great work behind the lens. Here are a couple of his photos from this year, and you can follow his recent work at

Last chance fish at the take out on the Beaverhead

This was one of the most unbelievable storms i have seen in Montana. This is at a spot on the Lower Big Hole called the Notch Bottom. Lewis and Clark have been here.

Klickitat steelhead from this fall.

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