Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 dudes 1 shack

I spent the morning ice fishing on Clark Canyon reservoir, the headwaters of the Beaverhead River.  This was my first time ice fishing and it was a blast.  Actually, fishing in the shack was unproductive, so we hopped on the back of a friends 4-wheeler and went to the other side of a big cove.  I was lucky enough to catch a couple of fish, and create some good comedy when my bobber went into the drink and I was a few feet away (just about lost a rod to the ice).  In the end we got a couple nice fish for the smoker, and had a great morning chilling on the headwaters of one of best trout streams in the country.

Also, check out this amazing video.  This pretty much sums up the ice fishing experience.


  1. who's the hillbilly now beyotch!

  2. i used to ice fish all the time but now it just cuts into my fly fishing so i don't do it aymore. ice drinking is what it is

  3. Seems that with ice fishing, it would be OK to call the rod a pole.Am I wrong?


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