Friday, November 27, 2009

Welcome Version 2.0

After trying to join the blogosphere in March, and getting crushed by other responsibilties, I am going to give this thing a go. I am now living out in SW Montana, hanging with my GF and Dogs, tying flies, and waiting for the weather to warm up. In the meantime, you can't beat the scenery in this area. Here are a couple shots from Wednesday, gotta love 40+ degree weather in November!

The view from the back deck of the new Dig's. Too bad the Beaverhead doesn't have to many trout in town, but definitely enough to keep it interesting. Plenty of beavers though, and apparently they like the bottom of our fence.
The lower Big Hole and Tobacco Root Mountains. Three great swings within 5 minutes of town.

Had to take advantage of the nice weather and go swing the lower big hole with the 5/6 spey. After spending October chasing steel it's been hard to give up the spey rod and go nymph for trout. It is nice how well browns respond to a bugger on the swing.

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